In recent years, packaging has become a fundamental strategic element for brands, helping them to differentiate themselves and be much more competitive.

The consumer market is extremely saturated, consumers are more demanding and having the ability to attract their attention is becoming more difficult every day.

In this context, there are already many companies that are betting on designing a packaging that helps them position their product and, in turn, allows them to provide added value to the consumer, transmitting values ​​such as a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Today packaging no longer only has a functional capacity for the product, as well as its protection. Now it goes further, being able to create a unique and emotional connection with the consumer.

With personalized packaging, companies have endless possibilities to adapt the packaging to their brand philosophy and to achieve this special bond with the customer. A great opportunity to gain notoriety and, specially, differentiation.

The benefits of personalization

There can be different advantages to choose a personalized packaging. Among them, we could highlight the following:

  • Adaptation to the product

One of the most relevant aspects of personalized packaging is the ability to adapt to the needs of the product, such as production, functionality… Adaptation can be very varied as possible.

What would happen if, instead, you opted for a standard or generic packaging? It would be your product that would be adapted to the packaging, and not to its most important features.

  • Focus on your customer

Another very important consideration when designing a custom packaging strategy is that you focus on the customer. In other words, we think about the product, but also about the packaging, the end user. What shopping experience do we want the consumer to have when they receive it? And when they opened it?

  • Latest trends

In addition to considering the needs of the client to whom we are addressing, the personalized packaging is also made according to the moment we live in and current packaging trends.

Some of the trends this year are respect for the environment, smart packaging, the importance of practicality, the reduction of materials… We invite you to discover all the trends through our report “Packaging Trends 2021 of Alzamora Group“.

  • Stand out from the competence

One of the main advantages of customization is that it allows you to play with creativity and innovation, which will differentiate you from your competitors.

On the contrary, if you choose a generic packaging, you may run the risk that it will be repeated in the market. And not only this, but you will also be wasting your capacity for originality and to show yourself unique.

  • Gain identity

A personalized packaging allows the consumer to visually identify you, in the fastest way. They will hardly mistake it for another product if your brand’s packaging can be recognizable, isn’t it?

  • Optimization of materials and transportability

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the design of a personalized packaging always considers the needs of the product, as well as the packaging system, practicality, protection…

For this reason, when a personalizedpackaging study is carried out, eco-design techniques can be applied to reduce the amount of material. And by this way, we are contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint and we are optimizing its transport.

How to create a personalized packaging successfully?

At Alzamora Group we have been betting on the customization of packaging for many years. And more recently, we have dedicated a co-creation space to research and experience team packaging solutions.

This unique space is called “Alzamora Lab”, where clients and our team of engineers specialized in R & D & I meet to find, jointly and practically, the personalized packaging that best suits their product.

This collaborative work between both parties is what has led to develop several worldwide recognized packaging.

An example of them is the 270 Series, a group of packs for a client in the lighting sector with which we work together to achieve very specific objectives: to develop a packaging that is produced with recycled material and, in turn, complies with the technical specifications of your automation and the required quality levels.

We not only achieve a more sustainable product in which we eliminate plastic, we also innovate in the minimum use of inks, following the ecological commitment of the brand. An aspect that was highlighted at the iF Design Awards, where the 270 Series pack was the winner.

Do you also want to discover the Alzamora Lab experience and start customizing your packaging? Click to this link to make an appointment and let’s start working together!