Sustainability has ceased to be a trend, becoming a necessity.

We are in a time of great change. Necessary and key changes to reduce the volume of waste we generate, to mitigate global warming and thus take care of our planet.

Changes, accelerated by new government regulations that prohibit and will prohibit the use of materials harmful to the planet, such as plastic in packaging. Without forgetting the growing environmental awareness of consumers and today’s society.

All this leaves us with a great challenge in which cardboard plays a fundamental role.

Why bet on packaging produced with cardboard?

Among all the advantages presented by cardboard, the main raw material of Alzamora Group, is that it is a 100% recyclable and biodegradable material. In fact, it is one of the fastest decomposing materials, unlike plastic, which can take hundreds of years.

Another very relevant benefit is that it is the material with the least environmental impact, since its manufacture represents a reduction of up to 60% in CO² emissions compared to other materials.

And not only this. By planting new trees in sustainably managed forests, with which virgin cardboard is produced, more CO² is captured and this has a positive effect on the planet.

In addition, cardboard, as a recyclable material, implies less pollution and the reduction of waste.

Green Packaging Planet: our commitment to a better future

At Alzamora Group we believe that a better world is possible, which is why we are committed  to sustainability on a daily basis.

For this reason, we work daily to improve the efficiency of our internal processes, and we are continually committed to innovation in packaging, which has led us to develop the most revolutionary eco-friendly packaging of the moment, such as LatCub, the first alternative to plastic for beverage cans.

This leads us to explain the “Green Packaging Planet” project, our line of sustainable and biodegradable solutions with which we help our customers to minimize their carbon footprint impact.

Currently, Green Packaging Planet does not address a specific sector, but a need: How to be more sustainable with my packaging?

We know that changing the current packaging of a product, while maintaining its functionalities, is quite a challenge. So, the objective of this line is to help our clients and accompany them throughout this process.

Some of the projects that are part of this line are the following:

  • LatCub

sustentavel packaging novotipo

It is the original alternative solution to rings and shrink-wrapping plastic for beverage cans, for a sustainable, 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

It is the packaging with less cardboard on the market, without any type of glue or adhesive plastic tape, which ensures its high capacity for biodegradability.

LatCub is resistant and comfortable to use for the consumer, which ensures optimal transportability of the product. In addition, it is fully automatable.

  • BotCub

sustainable packaging for bottles

BotCub is a model similar to LatCub, but for bottles, which adapts to any type of neck and capacity. Its objective is also to minimize the environmental impact, reducing the use of cardboard and offering a product that provides differentiation.

  • Enovo

sustainable packaging for eggs

Aimed at the poultry sector, with the ENOVO sustainable solution we have managed to eliminate the usual plastic cover, with a structural design made up of two unique elements: a cellulose base and an top cover, produced only with cardboard.

This allows greater communication options for brands, thanks to the advantages offered by a material such as cardboard.

It is a solution that can also be automated.

  • Fruits Packaging

sustainable fruits packaging biodegradable

We develop different solutions for the fruit sector, with the aim of reducing plastic and offering a solution with less environmental impact.

  • Nuts Packaging

sustantavel nuts packaging

Continuing with the Green Packaging Planet line, we also have fully sustainable cases for the nut industry. A market niche where plastic still has a high role.

At Alzamora Group we have a team of experts specialized in R&D and with extensive experience in the packaging sector, who can help you find the most suitable ecological solution for your market segment. A challenge that we will achieve thanks to innovation and the latest technologies.

If you want to start betting on sustainability with your packaging, get in touch with us and let’s start working together!