Technology has changed our daily lives in many aspects, especially with the spread of Internet use. Now we can carry out all kinds of tasks online that seemed unimaginable until a few years ago.

A paradigm that has also affected the packaging industry, with the introduction of new technologies in packaging, which provide improvements in traceability, efficiency, communication, and safety, among others.

A new generation that is here to stay: Smart Packaging.

“Smart Packaging”, what is it?

Smart packaging is characterized by the ability to record and provide information about the packaging and the condition of the product, thanks to the application of new technologies.

We could talk about existing systems, such as RFID or NFC sensors, or Datamatrix or QR codes, which work through mobile scanning. An opportunity to provide additional information to your client or interact with him through augmented reality.

Also, with the use of unique GPS or ID tags on each item, which allow us to track the product in real time and have greater stock control.

In addition to smart inks, which react to variations in temperature or light exposure. Such as, for example, those that change colour depending on the quality of the product, providing security and confidence to the consumer.

In short, we are faced with a set of technologies that are transforming packaging to provide it with new functions, but also to offer more personalized packaging that attracts the attention of consumers, this being a key element at the time of decision of purchase.

Benefits of smart packaging

In the following infographic we have collected the main advantages of Smart Packaging:

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infographic smart packaging

Example of success

One of the latest projects in Alzamora Group has been the development of a solution for the cosmetics sector, whose objective was to improve communication and brand interaction with the consumer, with packaging being the main tool.

To achieve this, we devised a solution adapted to the client’s needs, applying special inks that are only recognizable through the brand’s own mobile application.

Thanks to this innovative proposal, our client achieved:

  • A more informed consumer about their product and how to use it. Consequently, a greater customer experience.
  • Give guarantees of product veracity, as well as brand transparency.
  • Control of the product throughout the entire chain.
  • Collection of consumption database.

If you want to change your packaging strategy through Smart Packaging, don’t hesitate and contact us! Our team is made up of a group of experts specialized in R&D and new technologies who, through a personalized study, will find the system that best suits your needs.

The future of Smart Packaging is here!