The packaging trends are evolving at the same time that society does. The changing society constantly has to adapt to drastic situations, like the pandemic for Covid-19.

On one hand, it is true that during 2020 the consumer has changed many of their consumption habits, due to the health crisis that we have faced. In general, hygiene and healthy controls have become more rigid than before, affecting the consumer industry.

On the other hand, It is true also that not every consumption trend of 2021 has been provoked by this situation.

We are moving towards a model of society that is much more digitized and committed to the environment, which has directly affected packaging, and many other sectors.

Also, we want to point out that other trends have also emerged in packagings that were already cooking, such as smart packaging and the commitment to sustainability, in parallel with the consumer needs caused by Covid-19.

We invite you to read a summary of the Alzamora Group “Packaging Trends 2021” report, in which we go into more detail about the packaging trends we have analyzed.

Main packaging trends 2021
At Alzamora Group we consider that being informed of all the trends in packaging has become a fundamental strategic element to gain competitiveness and, without a doubt, differentiation.
For this reason, at the beginning of 2021, we published the report “Packaging Trends 2021” of Alzamora Group, a document that collects the main packaging trends that will mark the future of this year.

Our goal with this report is to turn it into a tool where anyone can learn about the most important developments in this sector, through a professional packaging point of view, a job that we have been doing for more than 120 years, passing down from generation to generation.
As you will see, in total we have detected 8 key packaging trends for 2021, which we will mention below.

1. Sustainable commitment as an engine of transformation

Right now, 70% of the population is already taking steps to reduce plastic packaging. This means that every day more companies want to replace plastic packaging with cardboard, to respond to society more concerned about respecting the environment and its well-being.

2. Less is more. Design to reduce

Can you get packaging that reduces the impact of your carbon footprint? The answer is yes, with packs of simple and minimalist designs, and the use of light, thin and resistant materials.

An example of this: our innovative LatCub solution, the biodegradable container for beverage cans as an alternative to traditional plastic packs.

3. The key to impact

Due to the changes caused by the pandemic, the consumer has reduced their time at the points of consumption. A moment of purchase decision where the packaging plays a very important role.

With the list of colors and finishes that we propose in the report that you can download at the end of the article, you will discover different ways to impact your customers with your packaging.

4. Convey who you are. Be expressive, sensory

Brands seek to be more emotional and connect with their consumers. Something that they will achieve with the first link between the brand and the consumer: the packaging. Storytelling, the use of expressive finishes, are some of the techniques that we propose in the “Packaging Trends 2021” of Alzamora Group.

5. Increase practicality

One of the packaging trends this year focuses on the practicality of the packaging. As you will see with our innovative and ecological solution “Eco-Basket”, recently awarded in the World Food Innovation Awards 2021, the packaging will tend to be the most practical, comfortable, and ergonomic possible.

6. Safer than ever. Hygiene is a priority

Now more than ever, there is an obvious assumption: the consumer has a very important need, related to the safety and hygiene of packaging. Hence, the brands show more reliability and transparency with their packs. An example that we propose in “Packaging Trends 2021” is the opening “Tamper Evidence”, produced especially from Alzamora Group.

7. Adapt to e-commerce creating experiences

The packaging is no longer only designed for the supermarket shelf, but also for the experience that the user will have when they receive it at home. A satisfaction, at the time of delivery, must be key.

8. Be Smart. The progress of smart packaging

Now, packaging can interact with the consumer, have a monitoring system, offer a database in real-time, know how long they have consumed the product and when …

Without forgetting the prevention of counterfeits with QR codes or smart sleeves in the packs.

It is time for changes, for new times…
We are facing a society that is constantly evolving, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article.

At Alzamora Group we want to be part of the change, accompanying you in the process of transforming your packaging, finding new forms of innovation, providing more sustainable solutions …

Dare to live a unique experience in the Alzamora Lab, our creative space where clients meet together with our team of engineers specialized in R&D, and let’s start working on the latest packaging trends of 2021!


Download the report “Packaging Trends 2021”

To download the Alzamora Group 2021 packaging holdings report, carried out through an internal study and reinforced by the analysis of publications by companies specialized in this sector, you just have to click on the following link