Print finishes are a key piece in any packaging strategy as they offer high added value to your product.

Good packaging design must be oriented to the sector and target audience you are addressing, but that isn’t enough. The finishes make the difference, provide quality, and give the consumer with a unique shopping experience.

With the finishes we can create infinite sensations, either with great visual impact or with new textures that provide a silkier or rougher touch to your packaging.

When choosing a finish, there are several factors to consider: materials, production volumes and costs, current packaging trends, among other aspects.

In this sense, it’s vital to know the characteristics of each of the finishes to get the most out of them and achieve the desired results.

How many types of finishes are there?

At Alzamora Group we divide the finishes into two large different groups, which we differentiate according to their production process.

On the one hand, in line finishes, those techniques that we can apply at the same time that we carry out the printing process of your packaging. This reduces production times, cuts cost, reduces waste and saves energy.

On the other hand, we find offline finishes, which, as their name suggests, require an additional process, in which more specific techniques are applied to achieve effects with higher added value.

Below, we detail some of the most common current finishes and highlight very interesting developments in terms of innovation and sustainability.

In line finishes

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Offline finishes

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At Alzamora Group we have a specialized technical team  and in constant training that can help you find the finishes that best suit your product.

If you are ready to provide differentiation to your packaging on the shelf, don’t hesitate to contactus!