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10 years ago, we decided that we wanted to improve the world and we created a revolutionary solution to eliminate plastic rings and shrink wrap. Our goal: a world free of plastic, plastic that has been damaging our ecosystem.

In Alzamora Group we present a new range of sustainable products that replace the non-biodegradable packs currently used for clustering bottles.

BotCub is the 100% biodegradable solution that uses less cardboard and any type of glue or plastic tape harmful for the environment.

It is the LatCub version, the best-selling solution on the market, adapted to the application of bottles.

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Features of the original and sustainable packaging for bottles

Características de BotCub


BotCub has been designed to guarantee the desired resistance and support. Even changing the grip point.

Easy and comfortable for the consumer

Its structure and design are developed to facilitate transport and provide comfort to the consumer. Depending on the pack, the grip points change in order to distribute its weight.

Responsible with the environment

BotCub is made with 100% natural fibers from sustainable forests. It is a 100% sustainable, biodegradable and plastic-free solution.

360º solution - fully automated

BotCub is an integral solution. it includes machinery designed exclusively for the solution that guarantee problem-free automated packaging during production while maintaining the desired rates.

More space for brand image and differentiation

The BotCub surface also offers greater communication space with the aim of boosting the brand image and differentiating the product on the shelf.

Humidity resistant

BotCub is ready to resist humidity and temperature. It was designed to allow the consumer to to enjoy the product cold and in the best conditions.

The bottles are easily removed

In order to remove one of the bottles you just have to pull it and enjoy your drink. This is thanks to not having any type of glue between the bottles.

Different models

Based on the needs of each client and market, we developed different different BotCub models that are better to each case and want. There are options for different types of bottles: long neck, short neck, plastic bottle, glass bottle…

100% satisfaction

The BotCub solution is receiving great market acceptance from consumers.

Guarantees and sustainable commitment

BotCub is made from 100% natural fibres obtained from sustainable forests. The FSC and PEFC certificates support and guarantee our commitment production after production.

Do you join the plastic free challenge?

For each BotCub used we are actively contributing to the environmental protection and preservation. Each BotCub counts, step by step we want to transform our planet into a better place.

Let's save our forests, let's save lives!

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Discover our solution for cans, LatCub!

LatCub is the best-selling sustainable pack on the market and with a total satisfaction index.

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BotCub is innovation, sustainability and originality.

BotCub is the most sustainable bottle pack on the market.

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